Since becoming a primary school student in grade one, my son has lost many things: pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener All the stationery, no one he never lost. Even once, he couldn't find his own Chinese textbook. He went home and pestered me to buy another one in the bookstore Every time, when I hand over the purchased goods to him, I will not forget to tell him: "be careful next time!" Although the son answered very simply, but really to the next time, he did not miss. I finally understood that if I had been paying for my son's mistakes, he would never have grown up. So, when my son lost the workbook again and asked me for money to buy it, I told him seriously, "you can buy the workbook, but you have to use your own money." The son immediately shouted, "that's not good. My money needs to buy toys." His son has fixed pocket money every day, but all the money is sent to the toy shop by him and changed into his favorite toys. "If you can't, don't buy it. You lost the exercise book yourself." I replied coldly. "Then how do I do my homework?" There was a weeping tone in the son's voice. "Then don't do it." I will not give in. "The teacher will punish me." My son was scared. He shook my hand. "Good mother, you can buy it for me once. I will pay attention next time." And I just sit quietly in the chair, let him grind hard.